Gujarat Dipotsavi 2020 – દિપોત્સવી અંક Free

Dipotsavi 2020 – દિપોત્સવી અંક

Gujarat Dipotsavi Is Publised Government Of Gujarat Every Year Before Diwali Festival . Official of gujarat Government Publish This Book On Gujarat Government official Website

From Where You Can Buy

You Can Buy Gujarat Dipotsavi From Gujarat Information Department. In Every District There is One Information Department Office You Can Go There And Ask them To purchase This Book This Year Book Charge is 40Rs.

About Dipotsavi

Editor- Ashok Kalaria
Co-editor - Arvid Patel
Editor - Pulak Trivedi
Deputy Editor - Jagdish Ayarya
Co-editor- Urvi Rawal, Shirin Syed, Bella Mehta

Distribution system
 Ishwar Thakor, Jayesh Dave, Hasmukh Patel, Kirti Parmar,
J. B. Munia, Publications Branch, Gandhinagar District Information Offices

Office of the Director of Information, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar

Processing and printing
Government Photo Litho Press, Ahmedabad


Price: ₹ 40 / -

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Come to our Gujarat
Let's be determined to make the best of the best ...

Hundreds of tens of thousands of lamps lit on Diwali
Saath gives the engine of entry into the new year. With new vigor and hash in the dance year
The ups and downs of life are about to be knocked out. To move forward. In whose mind and heart
The soul of the one who is enlightened must be illuminated. Many suns ahead of Atmajyot
Light also fills the water. On the occasion of this Dipotsav, let us all build Gujarati
Brighten the country, state, society, family and yourself by lighting the light of your own soul
It is a prayer to the most merciful God that we try to do with a true heart. Timir
Dipotsavi festival and New Year of Vikram Samvat-207
On this occasion, I wish all the Gujarati builders of Gujarat a happy Diwali
Wishing you a happy New Year.

The festivals of India are truly folk festivals. Loved ones, friends and family
Together every festival is celebrated with joy. Diwali means Dipotsav, glittering
This is the glorious feast of lamps. Deep manifestations to dispel darkness
Diwali is a unique festival that explains the glory. Of the light of knowledge and sacrament
When each individual and family moves forward together in this festival for dissemination
The darkness of ignorance cannot endure.

This year has been a tough test for all of us. The strong will of the state government,
From the resourcefulness of Gujaratis as well as the harmony of the administration which has given Karma Yoga
Gujarat remained at the forefront in every aspect of development even during the difficult times of the Koro epidemic
Is. Every Gujarati brother has confronted Korona. Mhh
Instead of watching Wakasi, we should all build Gujarati from Narbankai to Korona
The bath in front is crowded. Corona at the time of a disaster like the global epidemic Kovid-12
Large-scale covid testing, tracking, treatment, specialization to control the transition
In setting up such initiatives as Kovid Hospitals as well as Plasma Bank
Gujarat has done an exemplary job.
Patient recovery rate in Gujarat is much higher than other states. Day in mortality
It is decreasing day by day. Diligent traders of Gujarat and diligent diligent
Due to the cooperation of the people, public life and business are being restored. Corona
The government gave the slogan "Gujarat will win, Corona will lose" to Gujarat which is fighting against
Citizens and Frontline Corona Warriors have communicated innovative energy.

Decisiveness is the main legacy of development. Built on a strong legacy of public trust
People have been at the center of all the decisions of the public interest government. Of districts
Public welfare in the WEL corner of the state in proper coordination with the administration
In doing Bhagirath work towards delivering the benefits of campaigns and schemes
Is coming.

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