Hindi Divas(Day) 14 September / હિન્દિ દિવસ – 2020

Hindi Divas

Today, 71 years have passed since Hindi became the national language: more than 600 million people speak Hindi

🎴 Today is Hindi day. Hindi has enjoyed this status for the last 71 years.

The word Hindi originates from Hind. The word Hind is a term used for India by Muslim countries in the west of India.

🎴 The Hindu word also lies in this way. Hind and Hindu is a derivation of the Sanskrit word Sindu. Hindi language is mainly derived from Sanskrit language. In particular it contains many Persian words.

Hindi and Urdu are called sister languages. Because their grammar and vocabulary are very similar.

Hindi is constitutionally the first national language of India and the most widely spoken and understood language.

🎴 Hindi and its dialects are spoken in various provinces of North and Central India. On January 26, 1965, Hindi was given the status of the national language of India.

Hindu is the most spoken language in the world after Chinese. A total of more than 600 million people in India and abroad speak or read Hindi.

🎴 Most of the people of Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Suriname and Nepal speak Hindi. Today 14th September is Hindi Day.

🔶 Linguists understand Hindi and Urdu as one language. It is written in Hindi Devanagari script. And a large number of Sanskrit words are used at the level of lexicon.

Urdu is written in Nastalik and its Persian and Arabic language influences the level of vocabulary.

The Constituent Assembly of India declared it as the official language on this day in 1949. It was accepted as the national language along with the Devanagari script.

It is said that by 1965, Hindi will be the language for full functioning of the government. But there was opposition to the adoption of Hindi as the official language and a new law was passed to continue English as the official language.

However, a committee should be formed to authorize Hindi as the national language of India. B.G. The Kher Commission worked hard in this regard and finalized its recommendations.

Hindi is the language of the Indo-Acharya clan. Many words also come from Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian. Hindi has taken the place of contact language.

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🔵 Movies have become very popular. English devotees also watch Hindi movies and listen to Hindi songs. Today all the countries of the world are inhabited by Hindi speakers and knowers.

🔵 Foreigners have also become experts in Hindi. Patriotic songs are heard in Hindi within the country.

⛳️ Gandhiji called Hindi the language of unity. It is the second most spoken language in the world. However, politics has been played in the name of language in India.

⛳️ Courses abroad include Hindi in universities. And in our country it is subtracted. Every year on 14th September, the national language is celebrated in the country as Hindi Day.

♻️ In 1949, the Constituent Assembly unanimously established Hindi as the national language. Since then, Hindi Day has been celebrated every year.

A publicity committee has also been appointed to spread Hindi in the tenth. The decision was taken after much deliberation on the question of the national language of independent India.

34 Article 343 (1) of Article 17 of the Constitution of India states that the national language shall be Hindi and the script shall be Devanagari.

Assamese and Bodo spoken in Assamese, Bengal spoken in Bengal, Dogri and Kashmiri towards Jammu, Konkani spoken from Goa, Gujarati of Gujarat, Tamil Telugu Kannada of South, Malayalam spoken in Manipur and Manipuri, Marathi in Manipur, Marathi Oriya and Sanskrit are also regional.

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🔲 But the Constituent Assembly declared Hindi as the official national language in 1949.

🔲 The purpose of celebrating World Hindi Day is to create awareness for the promotion of Hindi language and to present it as an international language.

This day is also celebrated by Indian embassies abroad. In which emphasis is laid on the development and propagation of Hindi language by organizing lectures in Hindi language on various subjects.

Hindi Divas

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